““Her work heals and energizes people.You definitely feel warmth and strength in her amazing fantasy world of colors.””

The sky is her inspiration and her passion for her work.

Sunrise, she welcomes us warmly and softly.Bright sun, she gives us the energy. Clouds, they float calmly in the air changing their shapes and colors,giving us the tenderness. The moon in the dark sky, she sings lullabies and watches over us, giving us the tranquility. Beautiful sky, changing her faces and colors, she is always with us when we look above.

Yuuka Yamada paints the sky in rich colors and wonderful expressions with her own painting technique with fingers and a knife.

Life in Paris have changed her life enormously.The sky, people and the sound of Paris have shaped her as a painter as well as a person.

She loves Paris from the bottom of her heart.She says “”To paint is my greatest joy. I love painting the sky.Because she gives me love, healing, energy, courage and gentleness.I would like to give many people such things through my paintings.””

Her paintings have collaborated with music, cuisine, and fashion.In the future, she would like to collaborate her work with poems, perfumes as well as interiors of hospitals, hotels and other commercial facilities…..


March 1994 Certify “Joshibi University of Art and Design” in Tokyo,dismiss as
1994~2002 activity of 8 years in Paris
October -December 1998 and March 1994 Exhibited individuell in”Auditorium Saint-Germains des Prés”(Paris)
November 1999-Jannary 2000 and March-April 2001 Exhibited Art Gallery “Rose d’art” (Vernantois-France)
December 1999 Select for “Salon du Hyogo”
November 2000 Exhibited individuell “Salon du Hyogo”(Paris)
December 2000 Exhibited “Les Artistes Japonais in Paris”(Paris)
Jannary 2001 Select for “Jeunes Talents”(Young Talents) Exhibited Art Gallery “Galerie des tournelles”(Paris)
May 2001 Exhibited Art Gallery “Galerie Thuiller”(Paris)
Jannary 2002 Exhibited individuell “Lina’s in Saint-Germains des Près”(Paris)
Jannary-Febrary 2002 Select and exhibited for “Salon du Dessin et de la peinture à l’eau XXXVllè”(Paris)
March 2006 Exhibition in Gallery RIHGA ROYAL (RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL – OSAKA JAPAN)
Since 2007 Exhibited individuell Art Gallery,and in the Art Gallery of department store in Japan. (Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,Hyogo,Nagoya,Sapporo, Kyusyu,Okinawa…..etc)
  Painting has been appointed to the corporate calendar for 2010,2011,2012
April 2012 Participated the event was organized by city of Paris, “The Japanese Garden”in paris.
May 2012 Exhibited “Atelier GEN PAUL”
March 2013 Participated in the construction of a hospital “Nadeshiko lady’s hospital”
(in Japan) as artistic adviser
April 2013 Participated in events, Organized by the department store “HANKY-UMEDA OSAKA” (in Japan),Talk-show and Children’s Work-Shop with
“Pébéo” ( Also participates in other events )
September 2013 4 works have become the labels of whiskey , collaboration with
March 2014 Exhibition in Gallery RIHGA ROYAL ( RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL-OSAKA JAPAN )
From 26 Juneto 2 July 2014 Exhibition of the town hall of 7th district in Paris
2 July 2014 Participated in an animation “Finger-Art” with children during the big festival of the town hall of 7th district in Paris (26 November 2014, 1 July and 6 September 2015 also participuted in volunteer)
April 2015 Group Exhibition “La Galerie Thuillier”(Paris 3)
June 2015 Exhibition of personal at the Gallery Wing-Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
September 2015 Drawn a seven drawings in volunteer for brochure(for Young audience)for “European Heritage Days-2015” at the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Paris
November 2015 Participuted “Art Capital” at National Grand Palais Museum(Paris 8)
  Yuuka YAMADA returned to France in 2013, registered to La Maison des Artistes as a professional artist in France.
December 2015 Returned to JAPAN
  Exhibited individual “Galerie KAORI(Osaka-JAPAN)”
April,November 2016 Exhibited individual “Galerie KAORI(Osaka-JAPAN)”
April,October 2017 Exhibited individual “Gallery Chayamachi(Osaka-JAPAN)”
From 15 April to 14 May 2017 Exhibited individual “NESTA RESORT KOBE(Hyogo-Japan)”
April 2017 To start total coordination of art and funiture with “Oliver Corporation”
From 3 to 5 May2017 Participated in events “INFIORATA KOBE-KITANOZAKA 2017” organized by city of KOBE
From 3 to 4 June2017 Organized an event of collages with children in KOBE-umie MOZAIC
25 June 2017 Organized an event of collages with children in OSAKA, the summer festivals for children with the company Sankei-living
April,October 2018 Exhibited individual “Galerie KAORI(Osaka-JAPAN)”
May 2018 Total coordination of interior and exterior of “Restaurant Ysaÿe (Osaka-Japan)”
April 2019 The picture of “The Rainbow Goddess” became the label of Chamarel’s rum ( 50th Anniversary Bottle of Independence of Mauritius Island) of Collaboration plan with Shinanoya Co,. Ltd and Bar Lamp.
April 2019 Supervised the coordination of the Tenmabashi store of “Seiichiro Soymilk’s”, as well as in charge of store logos and design drawing.
May 2020 Coordinated the entire interior of the new 5 – storey building of Steel Co.,Ltd.
September 2020 Exhibition in Gallery RIHGA ROYAL (RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL – OSAKA JAPAN)
November 2021 Exhibition in Gallery RIHGA ROYAL (RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL – OSAKA JAPAN)
September 2022 Coordinated the interior renovation of 3 floors of Steel Co., Ltd’s Tokyo branch office.
November 2022 Exhibition in Gallery RIHGA ROYAL (RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL – OSAKA JAPAN)