Suggestion Art Planning Advisory for Enterprise

Interior Art, Decorative Art, Public Art

Hospital・Restaurant・Hotel・Bar・Beauty salons etc…various stores,Public establishment・Educational establishment

interior decoration1
interior decoration2
interior decoration3
interior decoration4
The chage of the interior decoration in “ Nadeshiko lady’s hospital “
A case example of the total coordination of interior decorationand exterior of a restaurant can be seen Click 1 Click 2

Events of Art with Finger-Art

Discovery of joy, Development of the senses with Workshop 《 Finger-Art 》  Finger-Art

Children's Work-Shop1
Children's Work-Shop2
Children's Work-Shop3
Children's Work-Shop4
Children’s Work-Shop with “ Pébéo-Japon “
Children's Work-Shop5
Children's Work-Shop6
Children's Work-Shop7
Children's Work-Shop8
Animation for children at the hall of 7th district(Paris)and their work
You can see details on【events】page

Collaboration・Planning with various fields

Creation-Work “Original Art” of the label, of the package for Whiskey・Wine・Perfume・Cosmetic etc… Fusion-Art with Fashion・Interior・Cover for the Book , Cover for the music-CD , Collaboration with Chef・Pâtissier・Chocolatier・musician etc…

4 works have become the labels of whiskey collaboration with “ LA MAISON DU WHISKY ” ( by catalog )
Dress is mode of printed fabric
based on the painting of Yuuka Yamada
Cover of the music-CD
「DIAMANTES “Festival of the sun”」
This dessert mede based on
the painting of Yuuka Yamada
This dish made based on
the painting of Yuuka Yamada
Decorative for the restaurant